Hello, sisters!

And welcome. We’re so thrilled you’re here.

And, we’re so wildly grateful.

It’s leaders like you – the visionaries, the change-makers, the ones showing up for themselves, their communities, for the world at large – who are our muses, our inspiration, our why.

At Ladies Aligned, we’re here to bring you meaningful, transformational and unique content that guides you to recognize your gifts and step into your Highest Self. Through our content and our community, we seek to empower deep, lasting, soul-level transformation, bringing about positive changes within your mind, body, spirit, business, and relationships, so that you can then bring forth similar changes within the people you serve, work with and relate to.

Without you, we couldn’t do the work we do, so thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being courageous, for stepping forward to break generational patterns, and for helping to forge a new way forward.

When women rise, we all rise.

With our deepest gratitude,

Melissa, Sandy & the Ladies Aligned Community

Our Values.

The heart of Ladies Aligned holds values that are present in all aspects of our work. 

At Ladies Aligned, we commit to:


We seek integrity by making the choice, every day, to align our actions with our principles. We strive to show up in a way that honors the humanity in all of us. This means making decisions consciously, from a space of fairness and equality, and it means that if we make a mistake, we own it.


Transformation requires a transcendence of old belief systems. We offer you the opportunity to explore a new way of thinking that challenges your current point of view, and in turn, catalyzes your growth and development. At the same time, we’re working to innovate the media industry itself. Instead of sharing media driven by lack, scarcity and competition, we’re inspired by the energy of compassion, kindness, belonging and empowerment. And, to make your experience engaging with our media enjoyable, effective and actionable, we deliver content in a way that calms your nervous system, priming you to learn, to absorb, to engage, without the distraction of ads or manipulative fear tactics.


We invoke the ancient power inherent in sisterhood. Each article you read is designed as a transfer of knowledge, a 21st-century rendition of how matriarchal wisdom has been passed from woman to woman throughout all of history. In this tradition, the information we deliver is imbued with inspiration and empowerment, a call to rise above your fears and take action on the next step that leads you to your highest, truest self. Whether that’s a business goal, a health goal or an equally important commitment to do less and be present more, we’re here for you, supporting and guiding you along the way.


We see you. We feel you. And if these values resonate with you, you so belong here. At Ladies Aligned, we amplify all voices of all women, especially those who have traditionally been underrepresented in media, and from whom we all have so much to learn. This space is also intended to foster personal growth, healing and transformation, which means we reject shaming and discrimination and call in openness, acceptance and always, our community’s thoughts and feedback.

Our Vision.

We’re on a mission to transform the way women engage with media, leaving behind traditional, patriarchal strategies for a heart-centered, intuitive approach.

Where before there was distraction and manipulation, we’re holding space for clear, holistic focus, building our content library and our community with the energy of love and abundance.

Guided by our values, and always listening closely to both the voices of our own hearts and of our community, we work to empower you to step into your power as a woman, a human, and a leader. To flourish into your most expanded, most authentic self. We take on the work of removing barriers, amplifying voices, and sharing information, insight and inspiration – so that you can do the work of making the world a better place.

Through powerful content and ample opportunities for connection, we are striving to create a space that transforms and heals, that catalyzes important conversations and sets the stage for real, meaningful action. While our space for learning and growth may be a digital one, as we grow our global footprint, it is our vision that our work raises the collective consciousness, ripples off screens and betters the lives of millions of people across our planet.

A Little More About Us.

Ladies Aligned was founded by Melissa Martin, an embodiment & business coach, and Sandy Vo, a visionary, meditation and spiritual teacher.

Sandy and Melissa were first introduced at a fitness event in Boston, where they connected over a shared experience – the loss of a loved one to Leukemia. Over time, their friendship deepened, and it became clear that there was an opportunity for them to merge their gifts and make a powerful impact partnering professionally. 

That led to the birth of Ladies Aligned, and the creation of their first intimate in-person event designed to help women uncover their uniqueness, release blocks and thrive in life and business. Their first event with 12 incredible women quickly expanded to more, and a year later they hosted their signature event Align & Rise, for over 100 women. 

Melissa and Sandy’s intention has always been to create a platform that amplifies the hearts, souls, minds and voices of women, illuminating each woman’s unique gift. That is the work they seek to expand through the Ladies Aligned media platform.